The Sign

Alright Alright so sometimes you go here and there’s a bunch of people who want to be seen here. The flashy coats, the unimpressed (with their dates).  Go to the cocktail menu. Interesting for the uninitiated and the familiar alike, its organized mainly by the dominant liquor, with historical tidbits and anecdotes giving some drinks more of a feel.

I had a painkiller (rum based cocktail) that transported me to a blissful rum-drenched reality I shall endeavor to return to someday. Judy had some sort of minty dream, which the three of us agreed must contain some demonic elixir, so smooth and minty it was. I don’t remember what Alex ordered (possibly a function of the drinks…) however I may or may not have seen him drool.

I must admit I’ve been here before and had valiant comrades order drinks they weren’t so pleased with. Some Japanese whisky cocktail that tasted more or less like, well, watered down Japanese whisky.  That being said, they replaced the cocktail, as honorable and reputable bartenders would do. A further testament to their professionalism.

ALSO ALSO for some reason the drinks I ordered came with toasted marshmallows. I mean, i love toasted marshmallows when they are situated between graham crackers and chocolate. However, they totally crashed the excellent cocktail party in my glass. All in all, more funny than anything else, and the funky kitschy voodoo glass they gave me for one drink made me feel like I was holding some sort of misshapen gourd. STILL was unable to detract from the amazingness of the drink, which definitely says something.

Photo from their Facebook page!

Check out their website here:


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