Pedestal-like not only in its classy nature, this place is a couch-haven. There are approximately 11.5 couches in the back (cough, smoker, couch) room. Conversation is pleasantly electrified by bursts of flame from the kitchen. The lighting is superb. Art and/or things vaguely resembling imitations of art give you something to look at while you wait for your decidedly and surprisingly above-average food that you will undoubtedly order, as the moment you see a plate of that delicious-looking chicken veg hummus dish float buy there’s nothing stopping you (seriously though that chicken veg hummus dish man).

I would Rick James 4 thumbs, wait for it, wait for it, downnnnnnn their liquor selection and endearing substitution of ginger ale in their Moscow Mules. BUT WAIT they’ve got a couple tables outside and a non-smoking section before the couch hangout. Friendly servers/bartenders (is this really in Vienna?). Music refreshingly spanky. All in all somewhere to pop in, lounge around, glare at bad art, and have a swanky time. ^_^

Check em out: http://www.restaurant-podium.at/


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